Magnetic Signs

More and more people are demanding the flexibility to use personal vehicles for work without having permanent letters on the doors. Custom magnetic signs easily accomplish this and have been speed tested up to 120mph. With such a versatile product, custom magnetic signs can be used on any flat smooth metal surface.

Did you know that almost all custom magnetic sign materials used today can seriously damage your car’s paint if you don’t follow a rigorous cleaning schedule? All of the custom magnetic signs we manufacture use the Paint Safe magnetic material. It has been specially coated so the magnetic material never comes in direct contact with the painted surface of your vehicle. This ensures you never have to worry about it damaging the paint on your vehicle. For your next pair of magnetics make sure it’s Paint Safe.

Magnetic Sign Benefits:

  • Easily transforms any vehicle into your company vehicle in less than 10 seconds.
  • Quickly be removed if you choose not to advertise your business in your off hours.
  • Convert your car into a mobile billboard. Selling for you where ever you go.
  • Second to none, our magnetic material has more magnets per inch for superior holding power.
  • No hassle to remove if you sell your vehicle.
  • Features Paint Safe material to protect your vechicle from rust!

Please measure your vehicle door before ordering to insure a proper fit.

Custom magnetic signs must be installed on a smooth, flat surface with no grooves or sharp humps. You must make sure the magnetic sheet does not overlap any body side molding or trim to ensure the best bond to your vehicle.